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Shallowell  HandpumpShallowell Handpump

Designed by UNICEF, the shallowell Handpump is a simple and robust suction pump constructed almost entirely of cast iron. The piston uses a moulded PVC cup seal and the check-valve is a weighted leather flap. Repairs are simple to carry out and require only basic tools.The suction handpump is generally used for lifting water from a depth not exceeding  7 m. The principle components of the pump are :

  1. Pump base with flapper valve and weight
  2. Pump body, i.e. barrel
  3. Pump head with fulcrum
  4. Handle
  5. Plunger rod assembly with bucket

SKI Shallowell Handpump installed in Malaysia by Govt.


Material of Construction

The pump body is made of cast iron. The piston rod is made of bright bar, electro-galvanized, The flapper valve is made out of chrome/vegetable tanned leather. The total weight of the complete suction pump is approximately 30 kg.


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