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Hand Pump Components for Corrosive Water

In many places where deepwell handpumps are installed,  maintenance of worn out parts is either very poor and takes a long time. In addition to this, the water is so corrosive in places that Downhole Gun Metal/Mild Steel/Cast Iron components that are constantly in contact with water corrode very quickly. For places like these, the following components have been developed.

  • PVC Riser Pipes With SS Ends
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder Assembly for India Mark 2 Hand Pump with All Stainless Steel Components inside
  • Stainless Steel Connecting Rods
  • PVC Riser Pipe with Injection Moulded PVC Coupler
  • Stainless Steel Riser Pipe
  • PVC Cylinder Assembly

While PVC Riser Pipes are ideal for many places where the water is corrosive, under heave load they tend to break at the ends. We have developed a special type of PVC Riser pipe with SS ends for India Mark 2 as per the picures above.These offer much better value for money than metal pipes.

SS Cylinder AssemblySS Connecting RodPVC Riser Pipe

Stainless Steel Riser Pipe for India Mark 2 ( BELOW )Stainless Steel Riser PipePVC Cylinder Assembly

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