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VLOM 50 Handpump

This is the latest version of the India Mark Handpump. It features a completely redesigned Cylinder with only 2 Gun Metal Parts. It uses 50 mm riser pipes.It can be used for lifting water from a depth of 50 meters. The advantages of this pumps are:

  • Lower Capital Cost due to riser pipe of 50 mm
  • Simple cylinder assembly with only single gun metal component in each of the valves, hence no tools are required for maintenance of valves
  •  Riser Pipe Centralizers for correct alignment for pipes VLOM cylinder
  • ncorporating the features of Mark III with cost effectiveness of Mark II
  • Can be used for wells of 100mm wells

This pump is suitable for a depth of upto 50 meters.

VLOM 50 Cylinder

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