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Zimbabwe Treadle Pump / Metal Treadle Pump

SKI Treadle Pump

Introduction: The Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is a High Performance, Fully Galvanized all Steel Treadle pump used for lifting water from shallow wells and surface sources. It is operated by a single person standing on the metal treadles.

Discharge Capacity: The Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is capable of delivering 5000 liters of water from a depth of 5 meters while being operated by a single person. It is also capable of delivering this discharge to upto  20 meters of horizontal and 3 meters of vertical distance.

Maximum Depth: As with any suction pump, the pump is capable of working  upto a maximum depth of 8 meters. However, operation beyond 7 meters is not recommended to preserve the integrity of the rubber components.

Galvanizing : The pumps is fully Hot Dip Galvanized at our In- House Hot Dip Galvanizing. All fasteners are Electroplated.

Barrel Assembly: Twin Barrels of 110 mm ID and 2 mm thickness.

Cup Seal & Flapper Valve: Made of 100% Nitrile rubber.
Inlet & Outlet Pipe: These are made from 1 1/4” NB of OD 43 mm & Wall thickness of 3 mm.These are suitable to fit a suction hose / poly pipe of 40 mm.

Pulley: Made from Cast iron and can accommodate heavy duty steel rope of 6 mm.

Toolkit & Spare Kit: Each pump  is supplied with spares like cup seals , flap valves and tools required for maintenance.

Non- Slip rubber for Treadles: The Steel  treadles of the pump are covered with a Non-slip rubber sleeves to prevent the foot from slipping while operating the pump.

The Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is also known as Metal Treadle Pump or Steel Treadle Pump.


SKI Zimbabwe Treadle pump in use in Zimbabwe

SKI Treadle Pump


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