Fabrication Services

At SKI we have been in the metal fabrication business for over 50 years and we have state-of-the-art machines to fabricate and finish any metal and plastic products to the exact tolerance required .

In addition ,our highly qualified team of technical people can also help you in getting a product from Prototype to Production in a short span of time.

Currently we are manufacturing the following:

  • Solar Panel Structures for Rooftop duly Hot Dip Galvanized to 80 Microns As Per IS 4759 and its latest amendments.
  • Solar Structures for Solar Water Pumps, Telecom, manufacture and hot dip galvanized As per customers Drawings and specifications.
  • Structures for Mini Towers, for Mini Water supply Schemes including that Iron, Fluride and Arsenic Removal Plants.
  • Stainless steel Fabrications by Argon Arc, as per customers Drawings and Specifications.
  • Machined Components as per Customers Drawings and Specifications.

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