India’s Leading  Exporter of Hand pumps & Accessories

SKI was founded in 1961 and in 1975 SKI became one of the first Manufacturers to be approved by UNICEF for Deep well Hand pump India Mark II.

Today we make over 30 different kinds of Hand pumps & Treadle Pumps in multiple factories in India.

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SKI Factory in Danapur, Patna

In over 46 countries, we supply pumps that last longer. How are we different from other manufacturers ?
We make pumps and accessories of better quality !

In Addition to Mark 2 , Mark 3 , Extra DeepwellAfridev & Treadle pumps, we also make the Tara Handpump, Rope pump , the Indus/Kabul/Pamir Pump, Malda Pump etc

For any type of customized Hand Pump, Treadle Pumps & accessories, please contact us.

As a Leading Exporter of Deepwell Hand Pumps, We keep ready stock of hundreds of India Mark Handpumps and Afridev Pump ready to ship at a few days notice.

SKI was one of the first companies in India to make  the Shallowell hand pumpPVC riser Pipes with SS Couplings for India Mark 2 based on French Technology.

Our Contact Information…


Telephone : 
  :+91 9709701127 , +91 6115 227671

Address :
  10 Abhishek Plaza  Exhibition Road  Patna 800001 INDIA


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