India’s Leading  Exporter of Hand pumps & Accessories

SKI was founded in 1961 and in 1975 SKI became one of the first Manufacturers to be approved by UNICEF for Deepwell Handpump India Mark II.

India Mark 2
Afridev Handpump
Shallowell Handpump
tara handpump
Tara Direct Action Handpump
Extra Deepwell Handpump
PVC Riser Pipe with SS couplings
India Mark 3 Handpump
Metal / Zimbabwe Treadle Pump
SS Cylinder Assembly
PVC Riser Pipe with Square Threads

Today we make over 30 different kinds of Hand pumps & Treadle Pumps in multiple factories in India.

In over 46 countries, we supply pumps that last longer.

In Addition to Mark 2 , Afridev & Treadle pumps, we also make the Tara Handpump, Rope pump , the Indus/Kabul/Pamir Pump, Malda Pump, Volanta Pump, Maya Yaku pump, Jibon Pump , U3 Modified Handpump etc.

For any type of customized Hand Pump, Treadle Pumps & accessories, please contact us.

SKI was one of the first companies in India to make PVC riser Pipes with SS Couplings for India Mark 2 based on French Technology


Our Contact Information…


Telephone : 
:+91 9709701127 , +91 6115 227671
Mailing address : 
10 Abhishek Plaza  Exhibition Road  Patna 800001 INDIA
skind@vsnl.com , handpumps@gmail.com


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