Afridev Handpump

This pump is very popular in most parts of Africa. The salient features of this pump are:

  • Bearing bushes are made from special plastics and the pump is hot dip galvanized.
  • Variable handle settings are possible to meet changes in water levels at different times.
  • Customisation of spout length and Pedestal is possible.
  • Choice of Eye & hook connecting rod or threaded connecting rod.
  • 225 mm stroke length of the handle provides a water discharge of 1350 litres per hour with an installation depth range between 15 m to 45 m .
  • Easy to install, can be accomplished by village women mechanics.
  • Alternative stainless steel lined cylinder available for aggressive water conditions.
  • Stand Assembly can be Square Pedestal or 3 Legged Pedestal
  • Special tools for installation & maintenance of Afridev is available.
  • Installation Manual is also provided with each pump.

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