PVC Riser Pipe for India Mark 2 with Square Threads

SKI PVC Pipe with square thread with injection moulded coupler

For places where the Water is very corrosive, the PVC riser pipe is a very good option. However, most of the PVC riser pipes being exported from India have V shaped metric thread which tend to break from the thread portion,which is known as the V notch effect  making the whole system go down the borehole.

We were the pioneers  in making PVC riser pipes  for India Mark 2 and we developed  the type of pipe seen above which has a Trapezoidal thread at both ends of the pipe. Since there is not sloping V formation in the thread , the pipe doesn’t break from the thread portion which is generally the “weak” portion of the PVC Riser Pipe. These pipes are joined together by a heavy duty injection moulded coupler which also has matching trapezoidal threads along with 2 rubber sealing rings in each coupler to prevent leakage of water .

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