PVC Pipes with SS couplings

SKI was one of the first companies in India to make PVC riser Pipes with SS Ends for India Mark 2 based on French Technology .

The water is so corrosive in places that Downhole Gun Metal/Mild Steel/Cast Iron components that are constantly in contact with water corrode very quickly. For places like these, these pipes have been developed.

While PVC Riser Pipes are ideal for many places where the water is corrosive, under heave load they tend to break at the ends. We have developed a special type of PVC Riser pipe with SS ends for India Mark 2 as per the pictures above.These offer much better value for money than metal pipes.

We have very specialized equipment , personnel and factory area which is dedicated exclusively to these PVC pipes with SS ends and the quality of these pipes, even when compared to their German and French counterparts, are second to none.

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