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Direct Action TARA Handpump

This handpumps is designed by UNICEF are for lifting water from borewells with static water level not exceeding 15m.


tara pump
  • They are more cost-effective than other pumps for medium lifts (upto 15 m) and are safe from bacteriological contamination since all underground parts are made of non-corrosive materials like PVC or Stainless Steel.
  • Cheaper than pumps which use MS riser Pipes.
  • 100% corrosion resistant
  • High Discharge-give water both in the upward as well as the downward stroke.


The Tara Direct Action is one of the most successfull medium lifts pumps. These pumps are used very extensively in India , Bangladesh, Laos, other parts of East Asia and Africa

Tara Handpump is a revolutionary product which gives water in both the upward as well as the downward stroke of the handle. Since all the underground parts are made of non-corrosive material like PVC and Stainless Steel., the pump is extremely durable over the years.This is also a This is also a VLOM ( Village Level Operation & Maintainence ) Pump like India Mark III

These handpumps are designed for lifting water from bore wells with static water level not exceeding 15 m. They are more cost effective than the Deep well handpumps for medium lifts and are safer from bacteriological contamination and corrosion problems.
The term ‘ Direct Action ‘ for a handpump refers to a vertical pumping action using a ‘ T ‘ bar handle connected to a buoyant PVC pump rod. The load is transmitted directly from the user to the pump rod and piston during operation. The buoyant pump rod, of a relatively large diameter, displaces water in both the upward and downward stroke and the buoyancy of the pump rod makes pumping operation easy. The above mechanism eliminates the complications of a lever action handpump such as bearings, axle etc. The direct action handpump is designed for esey installation, construction and maintenance .

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