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Importance of Quality Packing for Hand Pumps

I am often asked why SKI pumps are more expensive compared to some other low cost suppliers. One of the reasons is how we pack the pumps.

We understand that once we dispatch the pumps, they have to not only undergo a long journey over potentially rough and inclement weather, they will also be transshipped at various places and they will undergo multiple changes of vehicles, loading, unloading , maybe long term storage etc before they are commissioned. That is the the reason we use the sturdiest packing method possible, even though it adds substantially to the cost of the pumps. To put it in concrete terms, the monetary difference between SKI packing and bad/general packing for a single pump set is about 10 $.

For an example of how we pack the pumps, have a look at the pictures below which shows the actual packing of an Afridev Handpump & Accessories and India Mark 2 and other pumps are packed in a similar fashion. Let me know what you think of it and do you think god packing is worth the extra 10$ ?


  • Abdoulaye Diouf

    Bonjour, je souhaite vous représenter au nom de mon entreprise DISPROFOR auprès d’ONG qui s’activent en zones rurales. A bientôt pour une éventuelle collaboration. Bien des choses à venir.

  • Ali Oumar

    J’ai besoin de pompe parceque on souffre de l’eau Dans la Sahara,donc j’ai cherche votre sit et j’ai trouve vote pompe rien que ça ce que je veut merci.

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