India Mark 2 Hand Pump

SKI mark 2 pump

India Mark 2 is the largest selling handpump in the world and is used in many countries of the world as the backbone of their community water supply.It is suitable for a depth of upto 50 meters.The pump body parts are Hot-Dip Galvanized and as such are extremely durable over the years.We are supplying the pumps and accessories to Many parts of Africa & Asia.

The India Mark 2 Pumps is also available in the following versions:

  • Force & Lift India Mark 2 with a choice of Stands like Telescopic, 3 legged, Square pedestal , Vergnet type stand etc
  • Ghana Modified India Mark 2.
Mark 2 Hand Pump Schematics
India Mark 2 Schematics

For places where the water is very corrosive, the following components are available:

PVC Riser Pipe with SS Couplings
PVC Pipes with Square threads and Injection Moulded Coupler
SS 304 Cylinder Assembly with all SS components
SS Connecting Rod
SS Riser Pipes
A Special Installation cum Maintenance toolkit is also available for these pumps

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